Decision making

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  • Decision making
    • Response selection stage
      • deciding how to respond; deciding what to do
      • deciding what movement to make given the nature of the environment
    • Reaction time
      • the time taken to make a decision
      • genetically determined to a large extent
      • influenced by uncertainty of the stimulus to the performer i.e. his lack of knowledge
      • males tend to have faster reaction times than females and it slows as you get older
      • more practice gives more knowledge - reduces reaction time
      • Choice reaction time
        • time taken for an individual to respond from a choice of several stimuli - each demanding a different response
        • e.g. basketball player deciding whether to shoot, pass or dribble
        • far commoner in sport
      • Simple reaction time
        • quicker than choice, becomes even quicker when attention is given to it
        • time taken to respond to a single stimulus
    • Movement time
      • time from then the movement is initiated to the point when the movement is completed
      • determined by muscle-fibre type and strength as well as the level of learning of the motor programme involved
        • all can be improved by training/practice
    • Response time
      • time from stimulus being given to the end of the response
      • response time = reaction time + movement time


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