Christians on Fertility Treatments

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  • Fertility Treatments
    • Bible- can be used to support+ attack
      • Ecclesiastes 7:13
      • Genesis: God made humans+ told them to 'go forth+ multiply'
        • We too can 'create'+ use our God given intellect to overcome infertility
      • Matthew 7:12
        • "Do onto others what you would have them do to you"
    • RC
      • Sympathetic to infertile people
        • God's plan- has another life prepared for them- adoption, charity work
      • Life begins at conception-> IVF is tampering with life
      • Every child has a right for 2 parents
        • Children born under fertility treatments are gifts of God's goodness+ should be brought up with love
      • Opposed to all forms
        • Unnatural
          • Not a proper place for conceiving children
            • RC Report 1987
              • Respect for Human Life and the Dignity of Procreation
                • "Loving sexual relationship between husband+ wife is a proper place for conceiving children"
        • Spare embryos destroyed in IVF
      • Techniques that involve a 3rd person are problematic-> mechanical adultery+ attachment; bodies can't be rented
        • "Betray spouses' rights of becoming a father and a mother only through each other"
          • Catechism 2376
      • The techniques involving just the married couples are still problematic
        • "It is wrong to separate protecreation from unity with the use of artificial contraception". "No sex without babies; no babies without sex"
    • CofE
      • Fine to create spare embryos- later destroyed
        • Acceptable to carry out research up to 14 days
          • God working through science
        • Lord Habgood. former Anglican Archbishop of York
          • "To be treated with respect essentially, but no different from the products of early miscarriages"
            • Don't yet have moral rights of a person
        • AID- 3rd party
      • Provision of fertility is a loving thing to do
        • Agape love
      • 1984
        • Declared surrogacy unacceptable, but donations are to help couples fulfill their desires to have children
          • Mechanical adultery
      • Robin Williams, the former Archbishop of Canterbury on the proposals of removing the need of the father
        • "Downgrading of the ordinary processes of reproduction and upbrining'
      • IVF- only acceptable for women of a nat. age to conceive
    • Methodists
      • Right to research the causes of infertility+ look for cures
      • Creation of spare embryos isn't a problem
      • Against using donor sperm+ eggs




this is really good because  it has some good key point **

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