Fertility Treatment and Cloning - Medical Ethics

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  • Fertility Treatment and Cloning
    • Types of treatment
      • Artificial Insemination by Husband: sperm injected into womb
      • Artificial     Insemination by Donor: from sperm bank
      • In Vitro Fertilisation: eggs fertilised in test tube
      • Egg Donation: egg from another woman
    • Catholic beliefs
      • Embryos are thrown away so it is wrong as life begins at conception
      • If someone is infertile, God meant for it to be that way
        • "The lord had closed her womb" -Samuel
      • Sperm and egg donation is wrong because it is introducing a third person - adultery
      • It is God's choice who lives and dies (cloning and fertility treatment)
      • Cloning separates procreation from the sexual act which is a sin
    • Liberal Beliefs
      • "Be fruitful and increase in number" -Genesis
      • People have a right to have children
      • Scientific knowledge is used to help people who cannot see so it should be used to help people who cannot have children
      • Cloning is good for treating life threateneing diseases not human cloning


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