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  • Fertility treatment
    • Fertility treat is a form of medical treatment to help people who are not able to conceive and give birth to a baby in the usual way
    • Why do people seek it?
      • medical condition such as woman had hysterectomy
      • Certain circumstances such as those who are in a gay relationship
      • Possibly to preventing genetic diseases from being passed on to the baby
      • Shortage of babies for adoption
    • AIH
      • Hormonal stimulation of ovaries
      • The good quality  sperm is then inserted into the woman
      • The husbands or partners semen is collected
      • Type of fertility treatment
    • AID/DI
      • The sperm comes from an anonymous donor
      • The number of donations that can be made by any one donor is limited
      • The donors receive a fee to cover expenses
      • Checks are usually carried out to make sure that the donor doesn't carry any diseases that might be passed into the children
    • IVF
      • Woman are given hormones to make her ovaries produce more eggs
      • Poor quality embryos are destroyed
      • In 2-3 days later 1 or 2 healthy embryos inserted into the woman's uterus
      • Couples makes a variety of decisions about surplus healthy embryos such as frozen for use of future or destroyed
    • Surrogacy
      • Its illegal for a surrogate to demand more than reasonable expenses
      • Parental order at 6 weeks reassigns parenthood to commissioning parents
      • There's two types of surrogacy
    • General concerns
      • Risk to woman's health caused by hormonal treatment
      • Fertility treatment has low success rate
      • There can be a lot of emotional stress
      • In or during the process there could be some emotional and psychological issues


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