RS medical ethics fertility treatment and cloning

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  • Fertility treatment
    • types
      • IVF-in vitro fertilisation. embryo made in glass and then inserted into the mothers womb
      • AI artificial insemnation- sperm and artifically inserted into the womb
        • AIH- using the husbands sperm
        • AID - using a donors sperm
          • "thou shalt not commit adultery" Exodus 20 10 commandments
            • brings a third person into a marriage could be seen as adultery
    • Church teachings
      • Methodist church
        • it is right to reasearch the causes of infertility and to try to find cures and use them like with any other medical condition
        • creating spare embros is acceptable like CofE
        • against using donor eggs or sperm
      • Church of England
        • don't believe in life at conception
          • Lord Habgood(former Anglican Archbishop of York) "embroys are no different from the product of early miscarriages
          • It is fine to create spare embryos which are later destroyed
            • You can ccarry out reasearch on embryos up to 14 days old
        • donations of sperm and eggs are acceptable
          • children conceieved like this should have acces to the donor information
      • Roman Catholic Church
        • Fertilitty for straight married couples only
        • The Pope said "life is God's gift and we don not have the right to children"
        • life begins at conception and this must be respected
        • IVF and AIH are acceptable if there are no spare embroys created and no donor used
      • all believe surrorgacy is wrong as it raises issues with parentage
    • Cloning
      • cloning is a scientific process where cells are copied exactly
      • each human life is a unique and special gift created by God it is wrong to try and create human life artificially
      • some christians say "tissue cloning" is acceptable as only small parts are cloned eg skin cells


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