Fernsehen Ideas

Using all of the areas of study at the beginning of the section to convey all my own ideas.

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  • Fernsehen
    • Opinions on TV
      • it's often a time-waster
      • sometimes good for information (documentaries) but can also be filled with useless programmes
      • it is great when you need to relax, but sometimes it can hurt your eyes
    • Descriptions of TV programmes
      • documentaries are very factual can be about pretty much anything
      • reality shows like X factor are made to entertain the viewers by showing them lots of emotion
    • TV viewing habits
      • I  watch TV on a Saturday night with my family because the programmes tend to be better then.
      • I don't watch too much TV during the week because of school work.
      • I mostly watch series on my laptop, because I can watch them all in one go with my friends.
    • Opinions of Programmes
      • I don't like documentaries, because they  are too factual compared to the programmes that I like to watch
      • Sometimes I like watching soap operas because I like a bit of drama but the story lines can often be ridiculous
    • Benefits and dangers of watching TV
      • watching certain programmes (especially the news) can help you keep up to date with current affairs
      • if you sit in front of the TV for too long you could have back problems from sitting in an odd way
    • Opinions  about the dangers of watching TV
      • If you get problems from watching too much TV, it could be embarrassing to ask someone for help when they  know
      • because the TV can damage your eyes quite badly, it is certainly not worth using your vision just for TV for a short time when you could be out and about for longer seeing other more interesting things for yourself
    • New technologies for watching TV
      • not only can you watch TV on its original platform, but it is now possible to watch it on the cmoputer and on your phone
      • You can watch certain TV shows at a time convenient to you with some TV companies and through the internet
    • Trends regarding the future of TV viewing
      • I think the TV will still exist in the future but it will be used minimally because a lot of people will use the computer and other devices.
      • I also think that a lot more programmes will be made specifically and only for the computer (just like what is happening with Youtube)


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