Fern Hill

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  • Fern Hill
    • A04 - based on Thomas' childhood where he spent summers in Wales at his aunts farm.
      • Nostalgia
      • Childhood
      • Golden age
      • Garden of Eden
      • Innocence vs Experience
      • Lamentation
    • A02 QUOTES
      • I was young and easy
      • Time let me play and be
      • I was prince of the apple towns
      • Golden in the mercy of his means
      • It was Adam and maiden
      • Time held me green and dying
      • Down the rivers of the windfall light
      • Enjambment - particularly in first stanza creates a continuous sentence = fluid = freedom of the child
    • A03
      • 1) Time allows childhood to be golden, free and like an arcadia
      • 2) He is at the mercy of time which eventually leads to adulthood


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