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  • ferlity treatment
    • ferlity treatment is when you cant have a baby
    • ferlity treatment is not a bad thing and its not a good thing but it helps out familys who really need it
    • you have to have your hormones to have ivf treatment because you wont release an egg otherise
      • surrocy
        • surrocy is when someone has a baby for you
        • For some people when you do surrocy it can be really hard to give up that baby to help someone else because you get attached to that baby
          • Surrocy is like ivf because you are still giving a couple or a women a chance to have a baby and to be happy
            • Surocy is a gift from god
            • Some people give money to the person who is giving them a baby
            • You should take someone having a baby for you as a friend and a very kind person because not a lot of people will think surrocy and ivf is a good thing
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    • Some people think it takes a man and a woman to have sex and to make a baby
    • Having a baby is not a present its a special gift
    • You have to pay to have ivf treatment. You also have to go to a private hospital
    • Ivf treatment is spose to be for people who really need it its not spose to be for someone who saids there 40 and my husband left me.
    • Not being able to have a baby is apertley a disease and ivf is the treatment for it but not everyone can have it.
    • God said having a baby is a gift
    • If you have a baby you should treat it with love and ivf treatment can give you that


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