Ferdinand and Isabella Trade and Commerce

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  • Ferdinand and Isabella Trade and Commerce
    • The Mesta
      • Strengths
        • Enough wool to trade with other European countries
        • Gave F+I full control on wool trade allowing them to extend tax on sheep
        • Good source of rev. for Crown
      • Weaknesses
        • Relied on wool trade which showed weakness in economy
        • Farming suffered at expense
        • Led to food shortages
        • Investment in sheep meant uneven economic development
        • trade only benefited northern ports
      • Sheep Farming; mainly Castile
    • Economic Disunity
      • Different coins
      • Castile was stronger due to the New World, trade and resources
      • Agriculture growing rapidly as pop. expanded
      • Farmers not taxed if crops failed
    • Castile and Aragon
      • Shared coin unity later on in reign
      • Consulado set up in Burgos to ship wool
      • 1511- Royal ordinance made to improve quality if cloth
      • Good trade in grain
      • 1505-Decree to increase trade across Spain
      • Due to 1502 bad harvests led to control over prices
      • This was to stop profiting hoarding due to increased demand
    • Poverty
      • Causes
        • Rising pop.; pressure on land, food and jobs
        • People moved for jobs which they weren't skilled for
        • Sickness
        • Old-age: skilled workers couldn't work
        • Rise in food prices- 100% rise in price
        • 30-40% rise in wages creating inequalities
        • 1504; 95% of pop. were poor
        • Failing harvest
      • Solutions
        • Some charities could help the poor
        • Benefactors supplied money for hospitals
        • 'Peasant aristocracy'; Countryside/ towns had work as traders
        • However they easily fell into debt


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