Ferdinand and Isabella New World

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  • Ferdinand and Isabella The New World 1492-1504
    • Reasons for Royal Support
      • Initial low cost
      • 1492 Colombus convinced F+I to support him after the Granada War was a success
      • Could raise prestige in the eyes of other countries
      • Trade was possible
    • Ensuring discoveries belonged to Spain
      • Pope Alexander VI issued many Papal Bills
      • The inter-Caltara 1493 confirmed Spains right to the lands of South America
      • Treaty of Tordesillas made w/ Portuguese agreed to move the line marking territories (Spain further  west)
    • Early Settlements
      • Both Natives and settlers laboured on the land
      • Many settlers and Natives died due to malnutrition and climate
      • Encomiendas:Lands grants given in return of services to the Crown+ given a small number of natives
      • Natives had to work and produce goods for Encomeneros
      • In return natives were to be educated and converted
    • Establishment of Gov.and Institutions
      • Belonged to Castile
      • Castilian laws implemented
      • 1503 Central Trading office set up in Castile
      • All trade between Europe and NW went through it
      • Council of Indies setup to oversee governance
      • Governance was difficult due to the length of time to get there


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