Ferdinand and Isabella Nobility

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  • Ferdinand and Isabella: Nobility
    • Limiting power of nobility
      • 1505- Law passed saying estates only to be passed down to heirs
      • Secured alliances w/ key nobles to ensure their political power did not grow
      • Used Hermandades to strengthen power against them
      • Nobles encouraged to fight wars and attend Court
      • Troublesome nobles arrested, their castles burnt and lands taken
      • Toledo Cortes 1480- almost all royal lands lost since 1464 recovered
    • Threat nobility held
      • Still owned significant amount of land
      • offer people money to support them
      • Nobles can influence royal decisions
      • Can control Mesta- through allowing sheep to graze on their lands for money
    • More noble families in Castile than Aragon but conflict rife amongst them
    • Nobles who had immense revenues, thousands of vassals and owned their own lands with armies
    • Mayorazgo; Inheritance made to fall to one person due to fights amongst siblings


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