Ferdinand and Isabella foreign policy success and failures

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  • Ferdinand and Isabella Foreign Policy success + failures
    • France
      • Cerdagne + Rousillon occupied by France since 1462
      • Treaty of Barcelona- took Naples from France 1495
      • 1503- Battle of Cerignola France recognise Aragon's claim to Sicily, Naples, and ardinia
      • BUT- It was expensive
    • Italy
      • F has claims in Italy as grandfather was King of Naples
      • F received Holy League under pretence of protecting Pope
      • Failed to take MIlan- Stayed under french control
    • Navarre
      • F married Germaine de Foix in 1506- thus giving him claim to Navarre which was incorporated into Castile
    • Ottomans
      • Take Oran, Bougie, Tripoli.
      • assisted Knights Hospitallers in a Turkish invasion of Rhodes 1479-80
      • BUT- Spain's Southern + Eastern borders remained insecure, trade threatened by corsairs, only a small garrisons set up
    • Granada
      • United Iberian Peninsula under Cath.
      • Cruzada to fund it
      • Nobles fought well
      • Got them the titles "Catholic Monarchs"
      • Upheld Catholic Orthodoxy
      • Increased national security
      • BUT- Fear of Islam spreading through Spain due to false converts
    • Portugal
      • Gave up claims to Canary Islands in Treaty of Alcacovas
      • Daughter married heir to throne of Portugal
      • Prince Alfonso invades Castile before Treaty- however easily defeated
    • New World
      • Inter caetera- Papal Bull confirming Spain's rights in new lands
      • 1512- Laws of Burgos to attempt to protect natives
      • 1503- Seville becomes central trading office
      • BUT- Laws of Burgos ignored, 90% of pop is wiped out, And Treaty of Tordesillas gave Portugal more land,
    • England
      • Treaty of Medina del Campo- marriage  alliance w/ Katherine and Arthur, then Henry VIII
      • BUT- relations decline due to creation of CoE


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