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  • Feminist theories of the family
    • Marxist Feminists
      • Men's financial power keeps women in their place. Women do more unpaid work, and reciece lower wages making them financially dependent on men
      • Men benefit most from inequalty in gerneral, but ruling-class men in particular. Working class men get wives to work for them, but ruling class exploits women both as workers and wives
      • Criticism
        • Placesw too much emphasis on economic factors
      • Society is defined as patriarchal
      • Solution to exploitation: communist revolution or more economic equality to get rid of men's financial power
      • Society is controlled by men and capitalists
    • Radical Feminists
      • Believe that to solve inequality, a radical change is needed, for e.g. a female dminated society or seperation of sexes
      • Women are dominated by men due to biologu, women give birth, men are stronger and men use violence or ideology- distorted belieffs- to control women
      • Criticism
        • The idea of patriarchy is too broad and doesn't ecplain why women are exploited. It exaggerates the extent of inequality and fails to take account of the development of greater equality.
      • Society is defined as patriarchal
      • Men benefit the most from inequalities in society
      • Society is cotrolled by men
    • Perspective
      • That society is male-dominated or patriarchal. Literally Patriarchal means 'ruled by the father' but is used by feminists to indicate that men have more power than women and the interests of men largely shape how society is run
      • That women are to some extent exploited by men
      • From the 1970s, feminists thinking became more influencial in sociology & this was reflected in a growing number of studies of the family from the fem view point
      • There is a fundimental division in society between men and women
    • Liberal feminism
      • Nobody benefits from unequal society, gender sterotypes mean that men miss out on the private side of life-raising children- and women miss out on public life- employment
      • Socialization into gender roles and sexist discrimination restrict women's opportunities
      • Socity is defined as basically democratic but it is also sexist with discrimination against women
      • Criticism:
        • Lacks a theory of the underlying cases of inequality
      • Society largely controlled by men who more power than women, but women do have some power
      • Solution: gradual reform. Getting rid of sexism in socialisation and the use of language. Laws against discrimination


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