Feminist perspective of the family

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  • Feminist perspective
    • Marxist-Feminists
      • Women oppressed by both capitalism and patriarchy
      • Wives produce and socialise new workers producing more profit
      • Reserve army of labour
        • Extra cheap temporary workers that can be engaged and sacked
    • Liberal Feminists
      • Advocate increasing gender equality
      • Power relations and division of labour has become more equal
        • Consequence of changes in women's work patterns
    • Radical Feminists
      • Oppression of women a result of male dominance
        • Nuclear family based upon and supports male power
      • Socialisation of women into mother/housewife role is a form of oppression
      • Men and industrialisation put women in the homes
    • Criticisms
      • Over-estimates the extent of female inequality
      • Women have gained more choices and life has become more diverse
      • Fails to consider the influence of racism
      • New right- undermines traditional family values
      • Assumes all families have a male head who dominates the rest


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