Feminist Views of Education

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  • Feminist Views of Education
      • Education maintains/ transmits patriarchy/ patriarchal ideology
      • Girls = encouraged to do courses such as textiles & food tech associated with traditional female roles
        • Boys = encouraged to do subjects like maths/ physics - leading to highly paid jobs (breadwinner role)
      • Most headteachers = male, although most teachers = female - suggests men = better leaders & also supports idea of male dominance
      • School girls experience sexual harassment & are objectified through the male gaze in school
      • Education now promotes gender equality through schemes such as GIST & WISE (girls/women into science + tech engineering)
        • Encourages girls to take up 'male' subjects
      • Textbooks now use images of women in typically seen 'male jobs'
      • There has been an increase in number of female headteachers
      • Girls now outperform boys in education
    • Feminists say the education system = patriarchal
      • some feminists argue the hidden curriculum unofficially reinforces gender differences
      • there are still gender differences in subject choice in schools - gender stereotypes may still exist
      • girls are now outperforming boys at school - but boys still demand more attention from teachers
      • men seem to dominate the top positions in schools - headteachers
      • LIBERAL feminists want equal access to education for both sexes
      • RADICAL feminists believe men = bad influence & want female - centred education for girls
      • MARXIST feminists want to consider gender inequalities combined with inequalities of class & ethnicity


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