Feminist view on the family

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  • Feminist View on the Family
    • Purpose of the family
      • Still murdocks traditional but it suppresses women and is a social construct created by men
      • Dobash and Dobash say patriarchy is hidden now and women are still oppressed.
      • Wallace said triple shift - women go to work and do care work and domestic work
      • Parsons - (functionalists) fit so the family fits society
      • Functionalists say needed for stable socialisation
      • New Right - teach norms and values and make kids self-reliant
    • Traditional Family
      • Still murdocks - not natural but designed to opress women
      • Dual Burden - working class can't afford childcare
      • Re-marriage rate is high so still need is there
      • Morris - unemployed men still think housework is still a job
      • Chester - extensions and reductions of nuclear but same ideas
      • Giddens - 'pure relationships' stay together based on statification
      • M.O.P to men doing more housework
    • Conjugal Roles
      • Roles are segregated not joint
      • Triple shift - based on patriarchy
      • Oakley - in industrialisation women were excluded from workforce and made more dependent on men
      • Women in lower paid jobs
      • Giddens - 'pure relationships' only stay together if happy
      • Parsons/ functionalists - express themselves through care for family "women are naturally suited"
    • Too negative
      • See family as created by patriarchy to benefit men
      • children are taught to act certain way - girls called "princess"
      • Women get paid lower in jobs but still do housework and care
      • M.O.P in the pay gap and so it's smaller
      • Re-marriage so must be reason to want it


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