Feminist view of girls achievement

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  • feminist view of girls achievement
    • liberal feminism
      • girls have same opportunities as boys
      • education is a meritocracy, all individuals regardless of gender are given equal opportunity to achieve
    • radical feminism
      • girls are achieving more but education still remains patriachal
      • more female teachers but men are more likely to be heads
    • louise archer
      • conflict between girls feminine identities and habitus of school
        • girls gain symbolic capital from friends which clashes with school and results in underachievemnt
      • hyper- heterosexual identites
        • invest a lot of time in looks to gain status, results in symbolic violence and self exclusion
      • having a boyfriend
        • having boyfriend through symbolic capitalism gets in the way of school work
        • lose interest in going to uni
      • being loud
        • loud personalities to gain status
          • labelled as aggressive and likely to fail = self fulfilling prophecy


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