feminist perspective on education

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  • feminist perspective on education
    • liberal feminist
      • celebrate the progress made so far in improving girls' achievenment
      • believe that the 'future is now female'
        • since girls are outperforming boys in education
      • only a matter of time until more women move into higher paid, political, managerial roles in work.
    • radical feminist
      • argue that patriarchy still works in schools
      • patriarchy works through school to reinforce gender norms
      • the concern over boys' relative underachievement is seen as a moral panic
        • boys are improving, just not as fast
        • the focus on raising boys achievement reflects the male dominated system panicking at the first signs of the old patriarchal system breaking down
      • despite improvements in girls education, subject choices still seem heavily gendered and girls do not seem to be 'breaking the glass ceiling'
      • traditional gender norms are reinforced in schools, to the disadvantage of girls
      • girls are increasingly subject to sexist bullying
    • evaluation
      • there have been successful campaigns which aim to increase girls' involvement in STEM subjects and sport.


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