Feminism and The Family

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  • feminism and the family
    • Liberal feminists
      • all based around gender role socialisation
        • OAKLEY- gender codes + hegemonic roles+ manipulation canalisation
          • Focuses on nuclear family
          • Cosy view of the family- doesnt look at the dark side
          • Women suffer the triple burden
      • SOMERVILLE - women now have greater choices
        • 1975 SEX discrimination 1970 Equal pay
      • SHARPE- 1970s and 1990s women
      • Reproductive rights
    • Marxist feminists
      • BENSTON AND ANSLEY - bring up the workforce
      • BENSTON - females are a reserve army of labour
        • only looks at nuclear family
        • RF - it is men that exploit women
        • ignores day to day
        • dont look at genderquake by wilkinson
      • ANSLEY - women suffer domestic violence
      • NF benefits w/c men
    • Radical feminists
      • patriarchal ideology transmitted through GRS
        • sexual division of labour is seen as natural
      • MILLETT and FIRESTONE - sex classes
      • GREER - single women happier and women victims of DV
      • DELPHY and LEONARD - women provide sexual and emotional wellbeing
        • SOMERVILLE- women value their relationships
        • men are victims of domestic violence too
      • PURDY - women should go on a babystrike
        • focusses on nuclear family
        • gives no alterbative
        • very dated and ignores the genderquake
      • FIRESTONE- technology to exclude men from the family
    • DIfference Feminism
      • women are not exploited equally
      • NICHOLSON- women better off outside NF
      • CALHOUN - women cannot be exploited in lesbian families


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