Feminists - role of family

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  • Feminism
    • negative aspects of the family life for women
    • relationships between men and women in the family are still patriarchal
      • family is male dominated
    • Ansley (1992)
      • explained the traditional housewife role in terms of the support she provided for her husband
        • acting as a safety valve
          • soothed away the frustrated feelings her husband had towards his job
            • rather than being stored up and acted upon against the exploitative capitalist system
    • Barrett and Macintosh
      • use the concept of the anti social family
      • critical of the way women are exploited and
        • the gains made by capitalists at the workers' expense
      • negative aspects of the family,, violence and abuse are overlooked
    • Liberal Feminists
      • legislation and policy is crucial
        • e.g. if there were policies implemented to enable women to have flexible working patterns to fit with the demand of childcare then that would be a way forward
      • Somerville (2000)
        • increased choices women have and the way that social policies can help working parents
    • Radical feminists
      • see the structure of society at large as being patriarchal as well as the unit of family
      • sexism is embedded in the system
      • patriarchal ideology presents womens triple shift as normal
    • Postmodern feminists
      • empashise the differences between women
        • want to get away from the notion of a female escence
          • whereby all women are seen as sharing a common experince
      • Do not allow for the fact that some women may enjoy domestic work and carrying out a caring role
      • ignore the positive aspects of family life for women
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