Theory: Feminism

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  • Liberal Feminism
    • Criticisms
      • Optimistic, Ignores structural factors Walby: overall structure? Revolutionary changes are needed.
  • Radical Feminism
    • Patriarchal is universal, Firestone: patriarchy lies in a woman's ability to bear children. All men benefit from patriarchy. Brownmiller: fear of **** Rich: men force women into a narrow 'compulsory heterosexuality.'
    • Separatism Consciousness-raising Political Lesbianism
  • Marxist Feminism
    • Cheap labour, reserve army of labour, reproduce labour force, absorb anger Barrett: 'Familism' = nuclear family and sexual division as natural Mitchell: ideas of femininity are deeply routed.
    • Criticisms
      • Domestic labour isn't  fulfilled by men Insufficient emphasis on how men oppress women and benefit from unpaid labour, may be a cheaper way to reproduce labour power
  • Dual Systems Feminism
    • Hartmann: capitalism and patriarchy are intertwined. Patriarchy takes a specific form in capitalist societies. Domestic work limits availability for paid work but the lack of work leads women into marriage. Walby: Capitalism is more powerful thus women are allowed into the capitalist sphere of paid work but only in low status'.
  • Difference Feminism
    • 'False Universality' The problem of Essentialism
  • Poststructural Feminism
    • Butler: The white, middle-class man dominates and white, middle class women have claimed 'universal womanhood' By rejecting essentialism and stressing the diversity of discourse, poststructuralism recognises diversity
      • Criticisms:
        • Walby: some similarities between women. Celebrating differences creates infinite sub-groups.
        • Segal: Should focus on the struggles for equality and of wealth


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