Feminism breakdown

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  • Feminism
    • Radical
      • 'aims to dismantle the patriarchy rather than making adjustments to the system through legal changes'- Lewis, J.J
      • 'views patriarchy as dividing societal rights, privileges, and power primarily along the lines of sex, and as a result oppressing women and privileging men' -Lewis, J.J
      • challenges the views of male culture/ a patriarchal society
      • ‘Radical feminists claim that the sexual division of labour established originally in procreation is extended into every area of life’ -Jaggar, A.M
      • ‘Even when pregnancy is not desired, women are expected to provide sexual gratification to men’- Jaggar, A.M
    • Socialist
      • draws connections between other forms of oppression and the oppression of women
      • 'socialist feminism recognized the oppressive structure of a capitalist society' - Jaggar, A.M
        • also recognised the oppression from a patriarchal society: 'class and gender are symbiotic'
      • idea of working with men to achieve equality, rather than working against them
    • Liberal
      • ‘For liberal feminism, freedom lies primarily in the private realm outside the scope of state regulation, although paradoxically, as we have seen, liberal feminism looks to the state to guarantee freedom.’ - Jaggar, A.M
      • 'liberal feminists seek equality of the sexes' - Napikoski, L.
    • Ecofeminism
      • explores the similarities of the patriarchy's treatment of both nature and women
        • 'examines the connections between women and nature' - Miles, K.
      • Cultural
        • encourages the assocaition between women and nature
        • women have a more intimate relationship with the environment due to stereotypical gender roles (nurture + food) and biology (menstruation, pregnancy)
          • some feminists worried that this leads to perpetuations of harmful steretypes and the exploitation of women
      • Radical
        • patriarchal society associates women heavily with nature in order to dominate and control both of them
        • this form of feminism seeks to end these associations


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