Feminism and the Family 2

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  • Feminism and the Family {continued}
    • Liberal Feminism
      • Recognise that women's position in the family can have adverse effects on their power, careers and health
      • Believe the best way to improve the position of women in the family+society is through reform measures which remove discrimination+establish equality 
        • Stronger action against domestic violence
        • Better+ cheaper childcare to enable men and women to combine childcare with successful careers in paid employment
        • Establishing +asserting the legal rights of women as individuals, e.g Equal Pay Act 1970, Sex Discrimation Act 1975 and Equality Act 2010
        • Changing socialization+parenting practices to avoid gender stereotypes
        • Establishment of equality in maternity+ paternity leave so parenting is seen as the responsibility of both parents
        • More sharing of housework and childcare tasks with men
      • Criticism: doesn't tackle the fundamental inequalities that women face as a result of patriarchy and capitalism
    • Marxist Feminism-  woman's work in family contributes to the maintenance of capitalism
      • Social reproduction of labour power- family is a place where children can be born+raised with a sense of security+the ruling class is supplied with a passive labour force
        • Family is a place for eating, drinking+ relaxing, so the workforce can go to work each day + have their labour power renewed
        • Family socializes children into dominant ideology+ prepares them for the routine of work. Family members accept the power inequalities they will face as adults in the capitalist society
        • Family produces+ maintains labour which is free of cost to the capitalists through domestic labour
    • Radical Feminism
      • Patriarchy in society+family are the main obstacle of women's equality
      • Greer- many relationships between men+women are highly patriarchal+ exploitative
      •   Family is patriarchal institution which benefits men at the expense of women, sometimes backed up with domestic violence
      • Women should reject family life+ relationships with men
  • Criticisms of the Marxist and Radical Feminist views
    • Women's roles are not the same in all families. Many families now consist of dual worker couples with both parents in paid employment
    • More women are working and have independent incomes and this means they have more power in the family than some feminist writers imply
    • Around 2/3 of divorces are initiated by women can, and do, escape from relationships which are unsatisfactory or oppressive


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