Feminism and Crime

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  • Feminism and Crime
    • Main focus is on women as victims - fear of victimisation for patriarchal control reality is that men are more
    • Socialised different - Men = competitive Females = caring
    • Agree with NR as say main control is on women - NR say it's justified but fem say consequence of ideology
    • Liberal = should be equal (M.o.P)
    • Radical = patriarchy still dominates
    • Marxist = exploited in work place "takers of ****"
    • Trends
      • Women commit less crime - different types of crimes
      • Women re-offender less - BOX showed less likely to stick to labels
      • women = theft, prostitution, pre-meditated murder
    • Chivalry Thesis
      • criminal justice agents are socialised to be chivalrous to women - more easy on
      • feminists say seems bias in favour or but actually against
        • Heidensohn said courts treat harsh when deviate from gender norms
          • Girls are punished for promiscuous sexual activity.
      • Women are looked after in society - most powerful people are men so reflects laws
    • Alder - Liberation Thesis
      • society is less patriarchal so women crime rates rise - leads to new types of female criminals that have confidence
      • Violent offences have doubled
      • Denscombe - Ladette culture
        • Girls are more involved in 'lad' or masculine activities EG drinking and fighting
    • Carlen
      • W.C commit as lack - women who failed to gain qualifications commit
        • Live in poverty, welfare dependent, less family
      • Says comes from rational choice that route is only way to decent standard of living
      • Women benefit more through not - have more to lose than men
        • Accept rewards of conforming to social norms (marriage)
    • Heidensohn
      • Women are more conformist as patriarchy imposes more control over behaviour
        • Stricity supervised by parents - outside home
          • McRobbie - said revolve around 'bedroom culture' so are more likely to socialise with friends at home
      • Lees said based on fear of reputation avoids deviant acts to avoid labels
      • Role of wives and mothers so less time for crime
      • Less likely to be in place where crimes occur due to fear


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