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  • Are women inevitably oppressed and discriminated against under capitalism?
    • NO
      • Women are making progress in achieving senior positions in economic life. once a critical mass is achieved, male domination will cease.
      • It is no longer inevitable that women must concentrate on domestic roles - women can play a full part in economic life outside the home.
      • There is no such thing as the 'innate non-aggressive' nature of women - they are able to deal with the competitive world as well as men. In addition, even if women are naturally more caring, this will make for a more humane and just form of capitalism.
    • YES
      • As long as men dominate positions of economic power, they will discriminate against women.
      • The predominance of women playing domestic roles means that men are bound to dominate the economic life.
      • Women's innate lack of aggressiveness and competitiveness makes them ill-suited to the world of capitalism.


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