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  • Feminism
    • The 2nd weave of feminism emerged in the 1960s and focussed on changing laws (equal pay, rights and careers for women)
    • The 1st wave of feminism appeared in the 19th century with the suffragettes campaign for the right to vote
    • Struggles between men and women
      • Aim for men and women to be equal
      • Society shapes individuals
      • Structural conflict theory
    • Types of Feminism
      • Marxist feminists: patriarchal capitalism is gaining profit through exploitation
      • Liberal feminists: laws, policies and cultural changes
      • Black feminists: patriarchy and race
      • Radical feminists: education system and work
    • Patriarchy society is dominated by men over women in all aspects
      • For example men get greatest benefit from family life as women have to have children and provide childcare and domestic labour
      • Feminists argue that agencies like the family, education and religion are all patriarchal and are used to socialise women to accept their lower place in society
    • Glass ceiling: women not equally treated in the workplace and can't get top the top because of it


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