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    • emphasise harmful effects of family life on women
    • family is a major source of female oppression
    • Oakley - women 'work for free' by doing housework, men benefit as dont have to contribute
    • Wilmott & Young - men 'help' around the house - feminists argue men only help, women still do majority
    • greater dependency of women on mens earnings - womens pay is 85% of mens
    • domestic violence - women usually suffer
    • LIBERAL - ways of improving women's position
      • changing socialisation& parenting practices - men should be seen as doing housework - children will believe this is a norm
      • legal rights for women - equal pay act, sex discrimination act
      • equality in maternity & paternity leave
      • stronger action against domestic violence
      • the oppression & exploitation of women is the result of a capitalist society
      • women 'service' men - they look after the men working for the capitalists (zaretsky)
      • social reproduction of labour power- ruling class provided with a readily available & passive labour force
        • family achieve in 3 ways: provide key resources (food), free labour (clean), socialisation of dominant ideology
      • oppression & exploitation of women is the result of a patriarchal society
      • family is a patriarchal institution - women do most of the work, men receive most benefits
      • society needs to be radically changed if women are going to free themselves from patriarchy
      • Dobash & Dobash - women is never in a position to coerce their husband by physical means- always victim of domestic violence
      • Marxist feminists ignore family diversity - dual worker couple
      • Hakim - women may choose not to work - enjoy being a housewife
      • Radical feminist ignore progress made by women
      • 2/3 of divorces are initiated by women - women have power


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