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  • Does liberal feminism fail to understand the true nature of patriarchy?
    • NO
      • Liberal feminists understand that formal inequality is not the only problem but they claim that the cultural nature of patriarchy is key. Therefore they have made sexism a key target in their struggle for women's liberation.
      • By achieving legal or formal equality for women on the whole, liberal feminists believe that patriarchy will decline as men will no longer hold dominant positions in society.
      • Liberal feminists claim that women now have a more developed understanding of patriarchy and are steadily achieving sufficient power to be able to combat it.
    • YES
      • It has been a mainly white, middle-class movement and s does not understand the position of working-class and ethnic minority women who face multiple forms of oppression.
      • Liberal feminists, in supporting capitalist society, do not understand the ways in which market capitalism inevitably oppresses and discriminates against women.
      • Liberal feminists underestimate the importance of the 'personal is the political'. They do not understand that personal and sexual relations between men and women are power relationships and therefore are political in nature.


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