Female Suffrage Summary

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  • Female Suffrage
    • Arguments against
      • "Different spheres" - Men: work, the army, politics - Women: children & the home
        • The two spheres shouldn't coincide
        • Gender stereotypes
      • Biological prejudice: women's menstrual cycles meant they weren't fit to be in charge
      • Queen Victoria argued against the vote, along with many other women
    • Arguments for
      • Labour MP's supported female suffrage because of...
        • Social conscience
        • They were the party of the working class - which was the biggest class. They supported suffrage to gain votes. They had a lot to gain.
      • Full democracy
        • Universal Manhood Suffrage (UMS)
        • Natural progression
      • New Zealand and Wyoming (USA) had offered women the vote
        • They were becoming stronger as women moved there
      • A just society eg. divorce, domestic abuse
    • Suffragists
      • Middle classes; educated
      • Letters, speeches, meetings, rallies
      • Relied completely on persuasion
      • Fawcetts
      • Some MP's gave their support, but no party did
    • Suffragettes
      • Support from: working class & Labour Party
      • Bombed Lloyd George's home but he met with them
        • They then followed by dropping their campaign for the war effort
      • Arson, vandalism, Derby
      • Prison; hunger strike
      • Splinter group of Suffragists
        • Frustrated by lack of progress
      • Alienated some Labout MP's
        • Couldn't be seen to back-up violence
        • Worried about: Ireland & Communists
      • Dropped campaign for war effort
        • Kept up women's morale
        • Supported recruitment campaign
          • Gave out white feathers to men showing cowardice
        • Worked in munitions factories - kept up men's jobs


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