Female Sex Organs and Hormonal Control

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  • Female sex organs and hormonal control
    • Ovaries
      • eggs are formed by meiotic division in the ovaries
        • egg is contained by developing graafian follicle
          • secretes the  female sex hormone oestrogen
          • after ovulation the graafian follicle develops into a corpus luteum
            • secretes progesterone
    • Pituitary Gland
      • endocrine gland which produces many hormones, two of these are gonadotrophic
        • FSH - follicle stimulating hormone
        • LH - luitenising hormone
        • their target organ are the gonads
        • they are released at puberty
    • Oestrogen
      • stimulates the secretion of LH by anterior pituitary
      • stimulates proliferation of endometrium
        • effecting its repair following menstruation
    • Progesterone
      • promotes the thickening of the endometrium into a spongy layer rich in blood vessels
      • inhibits secretion of FSH and LH by anterior pituitary
  • secretes progesterone


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