Donovan - Feeling certain and being right

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  • Feeling certain and being right
    • Reliance on intuition is a fatal weakness in the eyes of contemporary philosophers
    • There are two kinds of certainty
      • Rational Certainty = 'Being right'
    • Bertrand Russell - Love is an Intuition
      • People think they can see into each other souls however experience gradually proves that supposed insight was illusory, therefore logic is more reliable in the long run
    • It is not enough to emphasize the sense of certainty
      • People use descriptions like 'awareness', 'encounter' etc. however those terms take it for granted that there is a genuine object of experience
    • Owen - we accept intuitive knowledge in everyday areas
      • ''While our awareness of others may at times be largely intuitive it is capable of being backed up with strong argument from analogy, from our knowldge of ourselves.''
      • It is much more difficult to say whether intuition is a sure sign of being right in areas such as gardening, investment and fortune telling
    • What counts as having knowledge of God?
      • Intuition seems to be less and less plausible as there are too many people having too many different intuitions about God even though intuition is reliable in other cases
    • Experiences of God may not be illusionary
      • It hasn't been proved that one who says ''I know he lives - he lives within my heart'' is talking nonsense. If religion is true there is a high possibility that religious experiences too
  • Psychological Certainty = 'Feeling certain'
    • There are two kinds of certainty
      • Rational Certainty = 'Being right'


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