feeding relationships

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  • feeding relationships
    • sunlight is the source of energy for green plants & algae to photosynthesise
      • glucose from photosynthesis synthesised into other compounds to make plant cells
        • the new material adds to the biomass of the organism
          • therefore plants are producers of biomass & start a food chain
    • producers are eaten by primary consumers eg: herbivores such as sheep, or fish that eat phytoplankton
    • primary consumers are eaten by animals called secondary consumers
      • carnivores such as lions or seals
    • secondary consumers are eaten by tertiary consumers
    • food chains are simple models of the feeding relationship in a community
    • producer
      • primary consumer
        • secondary consumer
          • tertiary consumer
    • phytoplankton
      • fish
        • seal
          • killer whale
    • predators & prey
      • primary consumers eat plants or algae
        • cellulose is difficult to digest so they have to eat lots og plants to gain enough nutrients
          • however plants stay in one place so primary consumers don't have to expend energy chasing them
      • secondary & tertiary consumer have to catch their food = called PREDATORS
      • animals eaten by consumers = PREY
        • in a stable community the numbers of predators & prey rise and fall in cycles


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