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  • Feedback
    • Benifits
      • • Allows the performer to stay motivated whilst learning to improve weaknesses
      • • It made me feel that my practices were working so I kept practicing
      • • It built up my confidence/motivated me and I kept trying hard
    • Immediate FB benifits
      • • It allows you to address a problem whilst it’s fresh in your mind
      • • It will be accurate because its fresh in the observers mind
    • only one or two points of feedback be given at a time
      • Being told too many faults can make you demotivated/lose confidence/stop trying
      • • Too much information at a time can confuse a learner
    • An activity where you received feedback during your performance
      • Gymnastics
        • How you received feedback
          • • My coach called out to me what I was doing wrong
            • the weaknesses
              • I was not tightly tucked which slowed my rotation
                • immediate change
                  • I tucked my body in tighter to rotate quicker


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