US constitution - Federalism under GWB

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  • Federalism under GWB
    • Because he was a Republican - thought he'd continue move towards decentralisation(but didn't)
    • Federal government expansion
      • Spending grew by 33% during his first term (2001-2005)
      • Federal budget as a share of the economy grew from 18.4% gdp in 2000 to 20.5% in 2008
    • Why federal government expansion?
      • War in Iraq
      • Homeland security
      • Expansions of medicare and education programmes
      • Wall street & banking collapse of 2008
    • Gay rights
      • Republicans were not relaxed about leaving the issue of gay marriage to states & began to feel that a traditional view of marriage could be defended only by federal approach.
    • Abortion
      • States used flexibility to have abortions but set up ways to deter women - which would be approved of by social conservatives.
    • Gonzales v Raich (2005)
      • The ruling confirmed the constitutionality of a federal ban on the palliative use of marijuana & empowered the federal government to withhold federal finance from clinics defying the ban.
    • Lawrence v Texas (2003)
      • Overturned state ****** laws in favour of the 14th & 9th amendments


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