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  • Federalism
    • A theory of government by which political power is divided between a national government and state governments, each having their own areas of substantive jurisdiction.
    • How federalism has changed between state and federal government
      • Westward expansion
      • The growth of population
      • Industrialisation
      • Improvements in communication
      • The Great Depression
        • Before the Great Depression states had more power than the federal government
        • However, with Roosevelt's New Deal the Federal Govt began to get more involved: building new school, roads and dams
        • Bill Clinton 1996- Era of big government is over
      • Foreign Policy
      • Supreme Court decisions
      • Constitutional amendments
    • Federalism under Bush
      • Federal Spending increased by 33% and a new Department of Homeland Security was created
      • In education spending increased by 165%- no child left behind policy
      • Major expansion of medicare with new prescription drug benefit estimated to have cost $400 billion
      • Defense spending increased by 125% to 21% of the Federal govt's budget. $69 million funding for Homeland
      • Nationalised two struggling mortgage firms
      • $700 billion bail wall street for wall street
    • Federalism under Obama
      • Federal spending on states increased to 4.6% of GDP
      • Money from federal govt accounted for 30% of states budgets in 2009
      • $246 billion stimulus package in 2009 for roads, education and health care
      • Introduction of Obama Care


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