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  • Federalism
    • Key concepts
      • Federalism
        • A theory of government by which political power in divided between a national government and state governments, each having their own area of substantive jurisdiction
      • Decentralisation
        • The principle by which government and political power is vested not only in the federal government, but also in the state government
    • Consequences
      • Political parties
        • They are state based parties
          • Democrats in the South are more conservative than Democrats in the East
      • Political
        • Elections are state based and run under state law
          • Arizona has experimented with on-line voting and Montana with an entirely postal ballot
      • Regionalism
        • South, Midwest, North-east and the East have distinct clutures
          • What the conservatism of the Deep South believes won't be the same as what the liberalism of the North-east believs
      • Policy
        • Healthcare provision, immigration reform, affirmative action programmes and environmental policies
        • State-based policy usually comes through state-wide propositions
      • Economic
        • Huge federal grants going to the states and complexity of the tax system
          • Income tax is levied by both the federal and some state governments
          • Different property taxes are levied by the state government
      • Legal
        • Variety in state laws on such matters as the age at which people can marry, drive or attend school, drugs and death penalty
        • There are both federal and state courts
  • 1937-1970s enhanced powers of federal government through interpretation of implied powers of the Constituion


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