Federal Government involved more in people's lives

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  • Federal government involved more in people's lives
    • Civil war
      • Established that the states were not nations & that the USA was much more than a confederation between the states.
    • Federal government as manager of the economy
      • Spends more than imaginable two centuries ago and so has acquired much more weight and importance.
    • Grants in Aid
      • Made states more dependent upon Washington & constricted their freedom of action.
        • 1984 National Minimum Drinking Age Act - If states didn't comply, funding for matinence would be reduced.
    • Westward expansion
      • Settlement spread westwards across the country. A growing government was required for a growing country.
    • Growing population
      • A growing nature required management by a growing government
    • Industriliasation
      • Brought the need for government regulation
    • Improvements in communication
      • People can now communicate instantly with phones & email
    • The Great Depression
      • State governments could not provide enough resources. Roosevelt's New Deal gave schemes such as building roads, to help USA back to work.
    • Foreign policy
      • USA became a world superpower after WW2. The federal governments role increased significantly.
    • Supreme Court decisions
      • Enhanced the power of the federal government through interpretations of the constitution.
    • Constitutional Amendments
      • 14th amendment changed state-federal relationships & 16th amendment


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