february revolution 1917

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  • February revolution - 1917
    • Petrograd demonstrations
      • 140,000 workers went o strike to commemorate the anniversary of bloody sunday
      • strikes about food shortages also occured
      • bread rationing
      • demonstration to commemorate national womens day
      • newspapers shut down and transport did not operate
    • defection of armed forces
      • Cossack troops refused to fire on demonstrators, however, the next day they fired and killed 40
      • guards refused to carry out orders
      • signs that the govs authority was breaking down
      • army beginning to desert the gov
      • gov disolved the duma and the committee formed an organisation known as the provisional govenment
      • tsar sent a telegram to the duma offering to share the power but they refused the offer
    • tsar's reason to abdicate
      • made a last  bid to regain control
      • tried to get the train  to Petrograd but anti- gov soldiers gained control of the railway lines
      • duma asked him to abdicate and he agreed he also abdicated for his son and brother and Russia ceased to be a  monarchy


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