Features of the mosque

A summary of what each part of the mosque is for and represents.

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  • Features of the mosque
    • Shoe rack
      • Muslims take their shoes off before praying
    • Prayer hall
      • Has no furniture
        • This allows them to have room for prostration.
      • It also shows equality as nobody sits
    • Mihrab
      • This reminds them of Mecca
        • This reminds them of their duty to go on Hajj
        • It allows them to focus on Muhammad and try to live as he did.
    • Mimbar
      • This is a set of stairs
      • It shows the importartance of the preachers words
        • Note that it does not show the importance of the preacher.
    • Minaret
      • Represents the importance of prayer
    • The Dome
      • Shows that Allah is enternal
      • Reminds them that Allah created the universe
    • Wudu room
      • Washing for prayer is to show respect for Allah.
        • Shows they will keep their lives clean for Allah
      • It also gets them ready for prayer
    • Decoration
      • No statues or pictures to avoid idol worship
        • They are onlly allowed to worship one God Allah,
        • If they worship more that oe God they have commited SHirk
      • Tyhey have calligraphy instead to remind them of Allahs words.


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