Pre industrial sport

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  • Features of Pre-Industrial Society
    • Literacy
      • UC went to Public school
    • Commui-cation
      • UC had horses but the WC were restricted with limited knowledge
    • Rural/Natural
      • Small, countryside towns
    • Church
      • Controlled everyone's behaviour
    • Work
      • WC were the only ones that worked
    • Living Conditions
      • UC lived in luxury, exclusively
    • Feudal
      • UC owned the land and WC worked to live
  • Popular Pre-Industrial sports
    • Real Tennis
      • UC, purpose built, w/ expensive equipment, lots of rules
      • Characteristic- Often, detailed rules, specialist, no violence
    • Athletics
      • Servants run on the land between the UC houses
        • Pedestrianism
      • Competitions created w/ patrons paying and betting on the runners
    • Mob Football
      • Banned = violent, injury, damage, bet, alcohol
      • WC, w/o rules, natural resources


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