Features of CAL/CBT's

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  • Features of CAL/CBT's
    • Highly Interactive - Users supply answers to questions and situations
    • CAL/CBT both use multimedia
    • Used for Tutorials - allow the user to learn something new
    • Uses models/ simulations - so that the user can experiment to see what happens in different situations
    • Used for Revision - tests students with interactive activities that allow students/ users to assess their progress in the area of revision
    • Encouragement - it doesn't matter if the user gets the answer wrong - they can try again+the answer is often shown after a certain number of attempts
    • Games to Make Learning Fun - even the most serious topics can be made fun when turned into a game
    • Testing + Assessment - here the user can take a test /assessment to see how well they have understood the learning/ training. The results from the test/ assessment are given immediately including information on what they did well+where they need to improve
    • Can be used for learning at a distance - no need for formal learning with lessons in set places at set times etc
    • Students often need the interaction of their classmates in order to learn
    • Can present an opportunity for students to have a break rather than work on the CAL/CBT package
    • It is hard for teachers to gauge progress using some of the packages


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