features of a word- meaning

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  • Features of a word- MEANING
    • Definition
    • Synonyms/ Antonyms
      • Synonyms are words that mean the same or almost the same.
        • e.g. synonym of thin include slim, slender and skinny
      • Antonym is a word which means the opposite of another word.
        • E.g. ,sad, is an antonym of 'happy'
    • Collocations
      • refers to a group of wowrds that usually go together
        • e.g. make noise, make the bed
    • Hyponyms/  Superordinate
      • Hyponyms are words that are specific examples of a general word- superordinate
        • E.g. If 'Fruit' is a superordinate then apple and orange are hyponyms.
    • Register
      • Often refers to the degree of formality of language.
        • Formal register: 'Would you mind pass the salt?' Informal 'Pass me the salt u ****.'
    • Connotations
      • this is the suggested or emotional meaning of a a word compared to its literal meaning.
        • e.g. Thin is neutral, slim is more positive, and skinny is more negative.
    • Lexical sets
      • A group of words with the same topic, function or form
        • e.g. arm, leg, body, penis. Body parts is the lexical set.
    • Idioms
      • These are expressions whose meanings are different from the words that make them
        • E.g. 'I completely lost my head' means 'I got very angry'
          • very different from literal meaning which means something very different


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