How important was fear of revolution in bringing about the Great Reform Act of 1832?

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  • importance of fear of revolution- Great Reform Act 1832
    • impact of Revolution in France
      • evidence that it was due to reform
    • Grey talked of reform to preserve
    • impact of Catholic Emancipation
      • showed popular unrest could pressure gov into intro'ing reform
        • Days of May 1832
    • fear heightened by violent response to fail of Bill passing
      • Riots in Bristol and Derby
    • points that suggest other factors were important
      • industrialisation brought structural change to economy
        • economic elites recognised need for reform
      • fear of revolution was 'actually an obstacle'
      • radical influence grew
        • promoted reforms on its own terms, not as defence mechanism
      • reform widely recognised as essential for getting rid of corruption and unfairness
      • Death of George VI in 1830
      • impact of Earl Grey
        • commitment to reform


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