FDR Fact File

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  • FDR
    • Qualities
      • Only disabled person to become President
        • Got Polio in 1921 and could only walk with leg irons
      • Had been the governor of NY in 1928 until he was president so had first-hand experience with the effects of the Depression
      • Part of the Democratic Party
      • Self- confident
    • Presidency
      • USA was facing economic crisis when he came into office
      • Only President to be elected for 4 terms
      • Promised a "new deal" in his acceptance speech
        • New Deal aimed at relief, recovery and reform
          • Relief for the poor and unemployed
          • Recovery of the economy
          • Reform the economic system
      • Won 22.8 million votes in election compared to Hoover's 15/8 million
      • Received support from trade unions. manufacturing workers, Catholics, Jews, Whites of the Old South
      • Outlined his plan in his inauguration speech
        • "Only fear is fear itself "


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