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  • Faustus
    • Didactic
      • Intended to teach
        • Particularly in having moral instruction as an ulterior motive
    • Satire
      • Use of humour, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticise other people's stupidity or vices
    • Tragic trajectory
      • Begins with a protagonist at the pinnacle of his achievement and ends with his fall into damnation
    • Blank verse
      • The uniformity and regularity of Marlowe's blank verse underlines the impression that Faustus is a Renaissance scholar
        • Contrast this with the use of blank verse in Faustus' final soliloquy in the play
    • Third person
      • Split personality?
      • Self-glorification?
      • Arrogance?
      • Duality?
      • Distancing?
      • Persuasive technique?
    • Alexandrines
      • An iambic line of six feet, rather than five (iambic hexameter)
        • ‘One drop/ would save/ my soul, / half a / drop. Ah, / my Christ!’
    • Active verbs
      • Active verbs depict bodies being fed into the gaping jaws of Hell, as depicted in many Medieval paintings and images
      • 'tossing', 'boil', 'broiling', and 'flaming'
    • Monosyllables
      • Faustus' second line is his final monologue, with its string of monosyllables, echoes the striking of the clock
      • 'Now hast thou but one bare hour to live'
    • Chiastic structure
      • One in which a series of scenes in the first half is paralleled in reverse order by scenes in the second half
        • Faustus' reference to suicide in 2.3, balances an attempt in 5.1
        • Everything one Angel says produces an equal and opposite reaction from the other
        • Faustus' prayers to Christ are negated by his conjurations with the devil
    • Parallel concepts
      • In the introductory soliloquy, Faustus begins by pondering the fate of his life and ends with his decision to give his soul to the devil


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