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  • Faultline
    • Choreographer: Shobana Jeyasingh.
    • Company: Shobana Jeyasingh dance company.
    • First Performance: February 2007.
    • Dance Style: Combines elements of Bharata Natyam and contemporary with some pedestrian movements.
    • Choreographic Style: Narrative and Cinematic, combines the everyday with classical Indian mythology.
    • Theme: Youth Culture, Gender stereotypes, gangs and city life.
    • Starting Point: Londonstani, a novel by Gautam Malkhani. Peter Gomes film. Music by Scanner.
    • Starting Point: Film Prologue;three dance sections;film.
    • Dancers:3 women and 4 men on DVD. 4 women and 4 men in live performances
    • Accompaniment: Scanner (composer and sound artist) and Errolyn Wallen (composer for live voice)
      • Live and Recorder solo voice with recorded sounds inspired by batch and city life.
    • Costume: Ursula Bombshell.
      • Urban and Sophisticated. Shades of black and grey with brightly colored ties for the men.
        • Variety of textures in the women's costumes: shiny, metallic, flimsy. Each is different.
    • Lighting: Lucy Carter.
      • Inspired by film and street images. Highlights tension ad the urban enviroment. Enhances the film idea by zooming in, panning out and 'painting' the screen. Floor lights define the space and harshly light the dancers.
    • Set: **** Straker
      • A curved wall provides a surface for the film projection and conceals or reveals the singer. Two curved areas (one large and one narrow) are created for the dancers.
    • Staging and Film: Black and white film shot by Pete Gomes, is projected in two sections: documentary style, young men in the street and Patricia Rozario.


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