Father Returning Home - Dilip Chitre

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  • Father Returning Home - Chitre
    • We are immediately introduced with "my father" already suggests some disconnection.
    • "unseeing eyes" = he is blind to the world and the only life, in the true meaning,that he has is internal
      • "like a word dropped from a long sentence". The sentence is the train and he does not really make sense without the train. The routine of the train etc. has lead to his lack of connection
        • dull and murky colours such as "brown and "grey" used to reflect his dull life
    • "his shirt and pants are soggy" the real things in the world are weighing him down and holding him back
      • "sticky chapals" add to the idea of  real things in the world being hard to remove and lingering
        • "stale chapati" and "weak tea" are simple foods that reflect his simple life
          • reads a book as he eats = he wants to escape this dull life
    • "bag stuffed with books" tells us that he wants to escape to the fantastical world of literary
      • even the books are falling apart though
    • "eyes fade homeward" tells us that he cannot properly see or access his own home
  • his children  "refuse" to share jokes, which means he has asked and they don't want to connect with him
  • "late train" = long day


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