Romeo and Juliet: Theme of Fate/Death and Foreshadowing

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  • Fate and Death
    • Methinks I see thee, now thou art so low, As one dead in the bottom of a tomb. (Juliet, 3.5,54-56) 
      • Juliet imagining Romeo
        • foreshadowing
    • "I dreamt my lady came and found me dead "
      • foreshadows nearly the exact situation
    • "A pair of star cross'd lovers take their life"
      • foreshadows death at the very beginning
      • Prologue
        • foreshadows death at the very beginning
    • Tybalt kills Mercutio
      • Romeo takes revenge
      • Linked to hate within families and the feud
      • Causes Capulet fury
    • "Too swift arrives a tardy as too slow" Friar
      • Romeo arrives to early and finds Juliet dead
        • Foreshadowing
    • "consequence yet hanging in the stars" Romeo
      • During the Capulets party
      • slightly foreshadows
    • "Violent delights have violent ends" Friar
      • foreshadows at wedding
    • Juliet fakes her death
      • Romeo kills himself (links to love)
        • Juliet kills herself (links to love)
          • Ends the brawl
    • The brawl
      • Peoples deaths during   the brawl
        • Ends the brawl


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