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  • Fat
    • Functions
      • Provides energy (1g provides 9kcal)
      • Keeps us warms
      • Insulates and protects organs
      • Important in forming structure of body cells
      • Source of fat-soluble vitamins A& D
      • Source of Omega 3 & 6
    • Sources
      • Saturated Fat- Found in meat, eggs, dairy products, butter
      • Unsaturated Fat- Found in olive oil, sunflower oil, olives, avocados
      • Essential Fatty Acids- Found in oily fish, margarine, nuts and seeds
    • Deficiency is rare
    • Excess
      • Can lead to high blood cholesterol levels, a risk factor for coronary heart disease
      • Too much energy (kcal) can lead to excess weight gain and obesity


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