Family trees and embryo screening


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  • Family trees and embryo screening
    • You need to be able to interpret family trees
      • Here is a diagram of cystic fibrosis
      • 1) From the diagram you can tel that the allele for cystic fibrosis isn't dominant. This is because plenty of the family carry the allele but aren't sufferers
      • 2) There is a 25% chance that the new baby will be a sufferer and there's a 50% chance it will be a carrier. This is becasue both  of the baby's parents are carriers
      • 3) The case of the new baby is just the same as in the genetic diagram . The baby could be normal (FF) a carrier(Ff) or a sufferer(ff))
    • Embryos can be screened for genetic disorders
      • 1) During in vitro fertilisation(IVF), embryos are fertilised in a lab and then put into the mother womb
      • 2) Before they're put into the mother, you can remove a cell from each embryo and look at it's genes. This is called embryo screening
      • 3) Many genetic disorders can be picked up in this way, such as cystic fibrosis
      • 4) Embryos with 'good' alleles are then put into the mother- the ones with 'bad' alleles are destroyed
      • 5) there are lots of arguments for and against embryo screening
          • Everyone will start to do this because you can chose the best ones
          • The embryos with 'bad' alleles are destroyed-they could have developed into humans
            • Screening is expensive
          • It will help to stop people suffering
            • There are laws to stop it going too far. ATM parent's cant even choose the sex of their baby(unless it's for health reasons)
              • Treating disorders costs money


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